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Our organization AR Enterprises is counted amongst the most distinguished service providers of industrial painting and Coating Works, carried out by a team of skilled and experienced workers. This range of services is carried out as per the specifications detailed by the clients. To provide our clients with a reliable and efficient array of services, we keep our professionals well-cognizant with the intricacies of this field of works. These services are executed as per the set industrial standards and applauded for ensuring an alluring Quality.

We can carry out high-rise painting on any type of Structures such as Cooling towers ,Chimney and Steel Structures regardless of its height, or how difficult it is to access. We have access to the specialized equipped needed to reach high-rise, and will work with you to find a cost effective solution that delivers a flawless finish. Our high-rise painting experts can even provide high-rise fa├žade remedial works before commencing your paint job

Epoxy Coating

An epoxy coating is often considered to be superior to other coating and corrosion prevention methods due to its ability to harden and form a durable protective layer around metal. The coating is applied in a liquid form and becomes highly durable afterwards. This characteristic makes it ideal for the production of resins and glues as well.

Epoxy Mastic Coating

Epoxy mastic refers to a type of synthetic polymer containing a cyclic three-atom ring that is commonly used as an adhesive or paint. They are found in coatings, resins and a wide range of other substances used to prevent corrosion. Epoxy mastic is a high crafted, increased solid concentration coating package. It contains two components: a base and a hardener. Applied with a steel brush, it is used to protect against pitting corrosion on hard steel surfaces.

Some characteristics unique to epoxy mastic are:

  • Light-colored for improved painting conditions and identification
  • No bleeding or weeping into topcoats
  • Low volatile organic compound (VOC) emission rates due to their high solids concentration (70-99%)

Epoxy Flooring

At Advanced Environmental Services, we offer professional epoxy floor installation services for industrial buildings including manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and processing plants. Our epoxy floor coatings are durable, hard wearing, and chemically resistant, making them an ideal industrial flooring solution. This industrial flooring surface is nonporous and easy to clean and can be installed directly over new or old concrete floors.

We can provide your epoxy floor coating application with a quick installation process in order to get your facility back to business as soon as possible. If you are interested in our epoxy industrial flooring for your manufacturing plant or industrial facility, please contact us to learn more about these epoxy floor paint application services.

Polyurethane Coatings

A polyurethane coating is a layer of polyurethane (a type of polymer) that is applied to a material's surface in order to protect it. A polyurethane coating can protect the base material from corrosion, weathering, abrasion and other processes that would degrade the material over time. A polyurethane coating can be glossy or muted, and can be opaque or transparent.

Polyurethane coatings are notable for their ability to adhere very well to a wide variety of base materials. Many polyurethane coatings require no additional processing to cure. They are simply applied and cure upon exposure to moisture in the air. Some polyurethane coatings also have very fast setting times, and can be applied and set in a broad range of temperatures. They can be sprayed or rolled onto a base material.